Lavender Girl Scent - Body Butter - Best Body Lotion | Fairy Lilly

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body butter
Body Butter
Body Butter
foot cream
hand cream
Body Butter
Body Butter
body balm
Lavender Girl Scent - Body Butter - Best Body Lotion | Fairy Lilly

Our Body Care Product Raw Ingredients Supplied by VEGAN - USDA - CERTIFIED Organic Cosmetics whom also supplies LUSH (the famous Handmade Cosmetics).

Lets avoid skin cancer with natural skin care products. Experience significant result within days. Have yourself a healthy radiant skin

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our signature NON GREASY formula will leave comfort on your skin.

Scent Description: Blend of sweet french lavender and fresh cuts lavender with a hint of lilacs

All products were individually hand-mixed and formulated from natural ingredients, paraben free, no chemical concentrate added & pleasant long lasting scents with organic seed fragrance oil.

Body Butter Ingredients:
organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic argan oil, vitamin E oil, raw organic aloe vera extract , organic fragrance oil

Hand Cream Ingredients:
organic argan oil cream, organic tuscan olive oil, organic aloe vera extract, organic cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, organic fragrance oil

Foot Cream Ingredients:
organic cocoa cream, vitamin E oil, organic witch hazel oil, organic aloe vera cream, organic almond oil, organic fragrance oil

Massage Soft Balm (Soft Body Balm) Ingredients:
organic petrolatum, organic raw aloe vera lotion, organic tuscan olive oil, organic fragrance oil

Product Option:
80gr MASSAGE SOFT BALM (Substitute to Body Oil) - Gives an Instant Radiant

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Package Wrapping:
Standard Bubble wrapped and waterproof durable envelope.

Sales Policy:
All Sales are Final. As all our product were freshly handmade therefore kindly understand for our no refund policy. Buyers responsible for any after sales issues.

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